Partnering made Easy

B2B looks at all of our customer relationships, not as transactional, but as a partnership. We bring all of our knowledge and experience in the industry to the table and LISTEN to our partners and deliver on those needs. It's not complicated, when you win, so do we.

Why B2BSoft is the Right Partner for Your Business

B2B Soft’s consulting services are focused on the advancement of your business and its goals. Drawing on nearly 15 years developing products at the nexus of the computing and wireless industries, we are well positioned beyond the learning curve. Our consulting team is mainly comprised of the same market-driven talent that has delivered a number of commercial and custom solutions which focuses on carriers, strategic industry partners and the indirect market.

In fact, we have over 10,000 locations using our flagship platform, Wireless Standard. We have the core wireless technologies, flexible product architectures, easy-to-use interfaces, extensive end-user feedback and experience that you are looking for from a PS vendor. 

Our principals are industry experts active in educating and developing the market. With established relationships, we are able to quickly source market and technical information. Our deep knowledge and broad industry perspective deliver the best out-of-the-box thinking in the industry. Present your problems, we’ll develop and deliver a solution to meet your needs.