Redefine Your Business Efficiency


How We Work With You

Based on your business requirements, we can structure fixed fee projects, time and materials relationships or a combination thereof. Choose to work with us in any or all of these ways:


Explore new ideas, problems, and issues with the wireless solutions experts. Develop implementation and product strategies, uncover planning strengths and weaknesses. Learn from our experience, hear recommendations.


Architect a solution in direct response to your business needs. Create a detailed technical specification for a product. Fully engineer, quality test and deliver on schedule.


Integrate newly developed technologies with existing systems. Coordinate installations with in-house information systems staff as well as other third-parties.


We make sure we can meet your milestones and create a deliverable according to your schedule and commitments. From inception to on-schedule completion of a project, you will have direct access to our team.

Along the way, we maintain an open dialogue between your engineers, marketing personnel and management and our team here, including regular review meetings, status reports, and visits to your site, creating a seamless development environment between your company and ours.

We’ll become an extension of your enterprise. We believe this interaction is critical to building the “right” solution.

The “right” solution will grow with you, adapting to your needs as you move forward. We believe in wireless technologies and in businesses that leverage communications to compete in a rapidly changing market.

We know an on-going relationship with your business is a privilege that can only be earned; that privilege is our goal and will drive our dedicated team.