B2B Soft MD360

Wireless Industry's first ERP/Automation Platform

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Raising the bar

B2B Soft long time leaders of POS software and custom solutions for the wireless industry has raised the bar yet again. Our customers spoke and we listened, and delivered with MD360! Master Dealers and Accessory Vendors alike are excited that their technology is truly working for them and their lives and the lives of their dealers and resellers are getting simpler.

Imagine your business utilizing one platform with Purchasing, Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, eCommerce and full Warehouse management in one place. No more double entry, realtime visibility to Dealers inventory and the ability to push purchase orders out to dealers' POS systems. Dealers are doing hours of work in a few clicks and Master Dealers are gaining visibility and intelligence once thought impossible and along with this newfound data come profits and efficiency. 

Are you a Wireless Master Dealer or Accessory vendor? Are you looking for a platform that will give you an edge over your competitors and allow you to serve your dealers and make them loyal customers that will want to buy exclusively from you. You've heard the terms "Do more with less" or "Work Smarter not Harder" ... That's MD360