Singular & Simple

Simply put, MD360 is a single platform for everything your business does, and it does everything your business needs. It’s the first ERP platform engineered expressly for the wireless industry. Each and every app and function that your business relies on is united and synced in realtime with your POS. Processes and tasks are streamlined, simplified, and automated, with all information instantly updated and accessible across every app in the platform and across your entire organization. From the back office to the front of store, from sales and invoicing to inventory, shipping, and payments right through to your eCommerce site, everything you need to run your business is synced together, all in one place.  

Designed and built for master dealers, wireless retailers, and device accessory vendors, the MD360 platform is synced and fully integrated with B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard POS and with Metro PCS, Boost Elevate, Tracfone, and other wireless dealer networks in mind. 

How many different apps and processes does it currently take to handle the simplest of sales and how long and how many people does it take to do them across your entire organization? From finding a customer’s complete history and plan data, having the ability to recommend ancillary items for sale, calculating commissions, invoicing, receiving customer payment, receiving commissions, reconciling accounting data, checking stock and reordering, arranging shipment, etc., etc. 

With MD360 the simplest sale will set in motion that chain of complex tasks effortlessly and automatically. How much of your time is that worth?

Why MD360?

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It’s simple. Simple to navigate and simple to use and works the way you do. Simplify the way you do business and save time, money, and your sanity. Automating tasks and reports – especially the most difficult, complex, and time-consuming ones – will significantly reduce or eliminate the time and personnel expended, along with the money that’s being bled from your business.

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Say goodbye to long and late hours mired by spreadsheets, manual double entry between apps, and the ensuing nightmare of tracking and reconciling resulting errors; kiss off the constant importation of data to keep your systems updated to run reports; put the nix on lost bills and invoices and missed payments; and stop pulling your hair out. 

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With everything synced and everyone on the same page, you’ll finally have complete traceability and total 360-degree visibility into every facet of your business. Easily track, analyze, drill down to the finest detail, and act on everything immediately – from commissions to sales, payables and receivables, employee time and pay, inventory and shipments, customer management, and eCommerce directly from your phone or tablet. 

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It’s simple. Want to reduce your operating costs, retain more clients, reap greater profits, and reclaim lost time? Get MD360. Want to free up considerable time and resources to focus on expanding and building your business? Get MD360. Want to gain a significant edge on the competition by repurposing the energy and money you’re continually losing to routine tasks that can be easily automated and put it towards marketing or eCommerce? You need MD360.

You will never go back to doing business any other way.

Already have a legacy ERP system in place? No  problem. You can still customize and harness  the power of MD360, extending the  functionality of your existing system to work  with ours. With our connectors, we incorporate  all of your B2B Soft POS data to give your  business the information it needs to run.

Our MD360 Core platform is the perfect  choice for starting out. The Core’s basic suite  of functionality will supercharge and simplify  your business processes by putting  everything you need in one place. The simple  beauty of the Core Edition is that features  can be easily added as your business grows

Our MD360 Pro platform will give you the  greatest versatility to improve workflow,  maximize efficiency and automate your  business. The Pro’s functionality can be  customized to fit your exact business needs  the options are limitless. Just as your  business knows no bounds, neither does  MD360 Pro.